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Orange Honey Face Wash


A mild soft-soap based natural product that gently helps you to prevent acne and pimple problems. Honey & ORange, is   Naturally anti-bacterial, it is great for acne treatment and prevention, full of anti-oxidants. It is great for slowing down aging, and it’s extremely moisturizing & soothing which helps skin to glow. This helps to reduce your acne. It also contains, polysaccharides that stimulates the growth of new cells.

How to apply:

Moisten your face; pour small amout of Sujansons’ Face Wash and gently apply it in circular motion with palm, wash off and pat it dry. Use Twice in a Day.

Key Ingredients :

Honey, Orange, - Aqua, Soft Soap Base, Vitamin A, and Perfume

Net.Wt. - 100gms

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